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  Ez Radio Server Move and Updates  

News!.. Ez Radio will be moving to another server we still need your help to keep the station alive so please make a donation and help keep Ez Radio on the air and advert free!!..

The new server change will improve the smooth running of the service so we can continue to stream 24/7!

The current app for IOS devices will be deprecated when the change occurs - This will be replaced with a new app which will also be available to Android users!

What else??.. oh yeah, we will also be offering 4 different stream qualities for those with slower connections and / or devices.
These will be 128, 96, 64 and 32 kbps.. this may change in the future depending on popularity.
We would like to thank our new providers for the excellent customer service we have received so far, very helpful indeed!!


To make a donation, please visit us here - thank you!

(Published on Sunday th 22nd of December 2013 at 20:04:12)


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