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D'Blaze produces breakbeaks aimed for scratch DJs and Turntablists.

The tracks produced by D'blaze cover the following genres: Downtempo, Trip-Hop, Hip-Hop, Rap, Chill, Chillout, Ambient and Acid Jazz to name just a few.

With so many digital vinyl systems (DVS) and CDJs on the market, digital audio files are fast becoming more popular and universal.

Thanks to the DVS system, vinyl lovers can keep mixing and scratching it up on their decks but with the added bonus of not having to cart shed loads of records around. In a nutshell, with DVS you use 2 timecoded vinyl records on your turntables to control all your music files stored on your PC or laptop. Your only limitation is your hard disk space!

While practising scratching techniques, D'Blaze found that most breaks and loops on traditional DJ tools where too short. It can be very annoying when the breakbeat ends just when your getting going. It really breaks your flow, having to move the needle back to the start repeatedly, every couple of minutes.

This is where D'Blaze breaks can help. Each breakbeat loop is at least 5 minutes long. This gives DJs plenty of uninterrupted playing time to practise their scratching techniques.

Some of the tracks have also been designed to seamlessly loop via the DJs favorite software.

For beginners, long track length are vital when trying to master scratch techniques. The less time you have to think about what the loop deck is doing, the more you can concentrate on your scratching deck.

It should be of no surprise to know that the best way to master scratch techniques is to start slowly!
That in mind, this is how each album is compiled. Starting at a slow speed gradually, break by break, increasing the tempo.

"To keep a continuous flow, all the actual scratch tools have been placed at the end of the compilation. This ensures uninterrupted playing time of your scratch practise sessions". - D'Blaze

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