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NDE (Near Death Experience), has been producing music for well over 20 years.

While being hospitalized in the early 90's, NDE was given a book by a close friend entitled 'The Afterlife', having a morbid curiosity for the subject, this is how the name "NDE" came about.

NDE produces music for a wide range of music genres from Drum & Bass, Downtempo, Chillout, Dance, Trip-Hop, Breakbeat and has even produced instrumental music for TV and Films.

In 2000, NDE was signed to one of the first internet only records labels "Hanging Stone Records" where he released "The Stalker (Mayhem At Midnight Score)", "Roswell Incident (Conspiracy Score)" and many more Drum & bass tracks.

To further his knowledge, NDE studied "Music Industry Management" at Kidderminster collage where he gained an NOCN Level 3 (Advanced) awarded. The final assignment was used to help the collage launch their own label, MAS Records.

In 2003, NDE launched is own Drum & Bass record label "Syndikut Records" where he released "Agents (Hackerz Score)", "Hoodz (Pimpz Score)" & "The Fog (Phantom Score)".

NDE has produced professional audio samples for the Loopy Tunes label.

Currently, NDE is working on new tracks and projects.