Ez Recordings would like to thank the following...

Credits and Thanks

Our Families and Friends
Ez Recordings, and its Artists, would firstly like to thank familiy and friends for their continuous love and support.

Our Customers
To our customers (yes you!), thank you so much for your custom. We hope we can carry on our journey together - you help make it possible.

To The Following Companies
Ez Recordings would like to give a BIG thanks to the following companies that have gone above and beyond in providing a fantastic service.

Deadly and Delicious:

Many thanks to Em of Deadly and Delicious for the 'Echo Shore' logo.
Em provided us with a very professional design service and really went out of her way to ensure we were happy with the design.
Check out the vinyl decals by Deadly and Delicious, they are to die for! :)

Soma FM:

A HUGE thank you to EVERYONE at SomaFM.
Internet radio pioneers, SomaFM have to be the biggest independently run radio network on the internet. SomaFM, with its 40+ stations, is 100% listener supported, meaning they solely rely on listeners to donate in order to keep the stations commercial-free. These guys are dedicated and devoted to playing ad free music.
We have been very blessed to have had many of our releases played by SomaFM, on stations such as GrooveSalad and BeatBlender.
SomaFM really do cater for every taste with stations covering Ambient, Downtempo, Chillout, Metal, 80s Music, Folk, Dub Step and so much more!
They really do have something for everyone and all commercial-free!
If you do tune-in, please show some love and make a small donation to SomaFM.

Copyright House:

Copyright House is the leading Copyright registration service in the UK that provide 'Real Copy' Copyright registration of your work which is registered and securely stored.
Registered Copyrights are valid in the 178 countries who are contracting parties of the Berne Convention for the Protection of Artistic and Literary Works.
While Copyright, in the UK, is automatic during and after completing a project, 'registering' the Copyright is the best way to secure ownership of your Copyrights.
Copyright House have provided such a professional service for us for many years!

Yummy Beats:

A very big thank you to Björn of YummyBeats.com for all his help, support and advice during the making of the Kontakt Instrument ':Zen:'.
Björn is a very talented Kontakt instrument developer who also offers help and tutorials, with all that is Kontakt related.
Check out his very informative website YummyBeats.com

Junior Tomlin:

Many thanks to Junior Tomlin, Digital Artist and Comic Colourist, for his awesome artistic skill in creating the cover art for the album 'Lucid Dream' by artist 'Echo Shore'.
Junior Tomlin, with over 30 years experience in art, is well known in the rave scene for his cover art and flyer designs.
All of which can be seen in his book, Junior Tomlin: Flyer & Cover Art

Honours List
Extra credit and massive thanks goes out to all the following who have been an inspiration to us over the years, in one way or another:
Emma M, Carole S, John S, Reberta E, Adrian B, Lee R, Kay R, Ian R, Richard C, Garrie 'Dimps' B, Paddy Range (Keep it Juicy!), Mark F, Scott C, Paul (Moggy), Andy S, Paul P.

To you all! Here's hoping a little thanks goes a long way :)

EzRecordings - Puttin' the ill in Chill.

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