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NDE - Chillinois (Original Mix)

Chillinois (Original Mix) is taken from the Single release Chillinois by NDE.

Chillinois is an instrumental trip-hop style track with elements of funk and soul.

NDE later decided to add the stunning vocals by US emcee "Shawn Lat".

The vocal version is now discontinued but the instrumental version lives on.

Chillinois fuses NDEs slick downtempo style vibe to bring this Chillout, Trip-Hop, Hip-hop style track.

View the full Single this track is from. Chillinois by NDE.

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  • 6:06


(Vocal version is now discontinued)
1st verse
Be more specific so the picture is clear
Even though we far away it seems like we so near
My quest is to build respect for the booth
If they ask any question tell them the truth
No time for games run the 2 minute drill
Go for the extra point let them know we for real
I remember picking up my 1st mic
Spitting in it and seeing what it sounds like
Having dominion over every word I speak
If you freestyle for free your music passion is weak
Real talk the spirit does control the mind
I flow for T Bone G and the blocks we left behind
When we roll back they all remember the game
But when I look around it's like everything's changed.
Shorty there was a kid now he's shooting that weapon
A couple of years out his diapers now he running 87.

2nd verse
They tune in when we start to transmit
Those emcees are baloney their styles has limits
They step to the mic with so much hesitation
I give a little bit and leave some for imagination
In 11 years I still rock the nation
I spin in rotation at your radio station
I give air waves electric power
so I’m clear to land waving at the control tower
Off the jet then handed the master key
On my way to the award show as the top nominee
I bet this track wake them out of their nap
I win so through the crowd the hands I clap
Perhaps one day I'll be the best on earth
And keep my gold stacked over at Fort Worth
Until then I’ll just win win win
Learn from Zen and start winning again

3rd verse
The summer sun alone can cause a pine to blaze
The moisture of this track reduced the smoke in the haze
Define the world by speech on a break by the creek
Fine tone the technique customized in a week
Learn from my mistakes so the soul can reshape
My third eye is awake cause music is my escape
Oversea on a visit getting dollars for lyrics
Painting pictures so vivid keep my enemies livid
If it's a crowd I’m in it my trip to Europe extended
I'm still alive even though I had a near death experience
I am a wave on a beach a grain of sand to each
Verbalized lectures that makes the preachers want to preach
To the UK all the way from the Chi
Surely my believers let the track drip dry
Release date to the store and the fans are rushing
the greatest song ever made and that’s the end of discussion.